androvacuum penis pump

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How to use based on clinical study: PubMed

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androvacuum for erectile dysfunction

Androvacuum penis pump is designed to fight erectile dysfunction and impotence or build-up penile hardness and erection quality. The vacuum pump helps reach erection in a very short time and the constriction ring helps maintaining it for as long as desired, although it is not advisable to leave the ring on for more than 30 minutes per session (PubMed).


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how tu use Androvacuum first step

The erection is induced by first placing the penis into the cylinder. When activated, the electronic penis pump engine slowly generates a vacuum environment by taking out part of the air within the cylinder (technically producing a negative pressure within it).

how tu use Androvacuum second step

The amount of negative pressure created is approximately 200-250 mmHg. This pressure causes an inflow of blood into the corporal bodies, both arterial and venous in nature, and this blood is drawn into the erectile chambers. Consequently, the penis becomes engorged, helping combat the challenges of erectile dysfunction.

how tu use Androvacuum third step

Androvacuum is designed to create a limited and controlled amount of pressure. This slow generation of negative pressure prevents penile pain due to a rapid build-up pressure inside the cylinder. Once achieved, the erection can be held by the penis itself or with an erection assistant ring, which restricts the flow of blood back out of the penis.

androvacuum penis pump

YES! A safe method to improve erections!

Safety based on clinical study: PubMed

Harder Erections with Vacuum Therapy (PubMed)


Boost your Erections without pills

Using a penis pump in combination with erectile dysfunction medication can help reduce the quantity of drugs needed which minimizes the side effects of the medications. Another positive effect of combining the two treatments is that the user does not need to wait for the drugs to start working, but can reach the erection with the pump instantly even before the drugs take effect which means the user doesn’t have to plan and calculate the time of intercourse (PubMed).

ProductAndrovacuumOral Drugs
Time to erection onset90-120 seconds30 minutes
Time required to terminate erectionLess than 30 minutes

Up to 4 hours
Ability to start and stop erectionYesNo
CostOne offOn-going cos
Medicare coverageYesNo


Medical Principle of Vacuum Therapy

The vacuum erection device is particularly safe to use, as it is set to draw the air out slowly and induce the lowered pressure gradually. This prevents possible pain in the penis that can be caused by a rapid pressure change. The device also has a safety button which instantly releases the pressure in cases when the user feels pain or some other difficulties occur (PubMed).

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When the penis tissues fill up with blood, the blood expands them and gives them “a workout”. In such way, regular and repetitive use of the penis vacuum pump promotes the return of natural erectile function, prevents shrinking of the penis due to non-use atrophy, and helps build better quality and larger erections. These effects are also used in the sexual fitness training method (PubMed).

androvacuum penis pump

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How to use based on clinical study: PubMed

A safe method to improve erections (PubMed)


Androvacuum is a safe and effective solution (PubMed)


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Penis pumps have been used for decades By the medical community they are considered a generally accepted medical device to aid with sexual dysfunction and impotence which is also supported by various scientific studies. Often they are called vacuum constriction devices. In some countries medical vacuum therapy with a pump is even covered by medical insurance as an established procedure for treating erectile dysfunction (e.g. Medicare in the USA) (PubMed).

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